Microsoft Windows recorder (V1)2.2.1(微软rpa Chrome浏览器插件)

Desktop flows automates manual business processes across on-premises and cloud apps and services.
Microsoft Windows recorder (V1)2.2.1(微软rpa Chrome浏览器插件)
Microsoft Windows recorder (V1) lets you create desktop flows that automate manual business processes across on-premises apps, web apps, and services.

The Google Chrome extension enables desktop flows by connecting native system components to Microsoft Power Automate.

Automate step-by-step processes by recording, testing, and replaying actions such as mouse clicks, keyboard use, and data entry on Windows desktop apps or in a web browser.

This browser extension requires additional software to perform properly. Please make sure that you've downloaded and installed Microsoft Power Automate Desktop to your device before continuing.


Microsoft Windows recorder (V1)2.2.1(微软rpa Chrome浏览器插件)
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